As a lifelong car enthusiast and keen amateur Porsche collector over the past 36 years it has been a real privilege to own some of these cars. I am gutted not to have taken some more good photos of the wonderful cars that have brought me so many great memories. Having averaged one Porsche a year for 36 years I guess that makes me an official Porsche nut..

Every one has been an adventure and a pleasure to spend time making as perfect as possible.

Each one has a personality, each one is individual. Old 911's are not for everybody. Compared with the modern ones there is no contest performance wise, but these old ones have real character.

Here is a record of the recent ones from the past 24 odd years. Hopefully there will be more to come in the future.

Dynamically the later water-cooled cars are faster and more refined .The early cars feel really old fashioned to drive, but there is something about the air cooled cars that stirs the emotions and has real soul.